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Pro Cord String Winder

Straight field lines can be a real challenge — unless you’re using our Pro Cord String Winder. It’s strong, but still stretchy enough to really snap a straight line. The 500 ft of high-strength, braided cotton string line is thicker (see comparison photo) for higher visibility and will stretch, meaning you can pull your line extremely tight and when you “snap” the cord, you get the straightest line as possible.


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Pro Cord String Winder

As a groundskeeper, you’re judged at a glance by the way your field looks. Particularly, by how straight your lines are.

Getting there can be difficult — unless you’re using our Pro Cord String Winder. The easy to use winder keeps the cord from snarling and stores neatly. The ProCord String Winder gives you 500 ft of high-strength cord. Our braided cotton string line will stretch, meaning groundskeepers can pull stringlines extremely tight. Then, when you pick the line up and “snap” the cord, the result is you get as straight a line as possible. Typical string winder line is nylon and will not stretch, making it a big challenge to get straight lines without much snap.

Plus, this field string line is thicker, meaning it’s just easier to see for the person operating your line chalker or line painter. When it’s stretched from home plate, down the line and through the grass to the outfield wall its thickness and visibility as a guide makes the groundskeeper’s job that much easier — and accurate.


Additional information

Weight7 lbs
Cord Length


String Material

High-strength, braided cotton cord