Certified Refurbished Phantom Indoor Batting Cage

For a limited time, we have special Certified Refurbished Phantom Indoor Batting Cages available at nearly $800 OFF the regular price. To make these cages as good as new, we had to refurbish the top ropes to meet our strict standard for quality. Spend less time setting up your batting cage and more time hitting… so easy to set up and take down, it takes two people less than 5 minutes. Perfect for gyms or areas where you can’t leave your net up.

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Certified Refurbished Phantom Indoor Batting Cage

We have a limited supply of our popular Phantom indoor cage with refurbished top ropes to ensure the tension strength meets our netting standards. Our refurbishing includes new ropes that are attached with our heavy-duty zip ties allowing our net tension to now perform as good as new.

The Beacon Phantom™ Tensioned Indoor Batting Cage is so easy to set up and take down, it only takes two people less than 5 minutes and when it’s down you have nothing left hanging from the ceiling. Setup is just three easy steps.

  1. Connect the reach poles on one end
  2. Lay out your net to the other wall
  3. Hoist and lock the halyards, pull the net tight and you’re hitting.

Take down is just as easy. Simply release the halyards, let the net drop, unhook the reach poles on the opposite end and collect up the net, and *poof!*… the batting cage disappears.

Refurbished Phantom™ Batting Cage System includes:

  • 1 Phantom™ Premium Net with refurbished top ropes
  • 3 reach poles to eliminate the need for ladders during set up and take down
  • 3 complete cam-lock pulley systems for easy net tensioning and adjustment

Refurbished Phantom™ COMBO Systems includes:

The Phantom™ hitting cage will work in most indoor spaces.

  • The standard 70′ baseball batting cage works in spaces from 75’–110′ long
  • The standard 55′ softball batting cage works in spaces from 60′ – 95′ long
  • Need a custom-sized set to fit your gym or hitting space? Send us your info

Product Features

  • Spacious hitting area: The 14′ W and 14′ H size is perfect for batters and pitchers
  • Quality netting: The sides have a #24 knotless nylon net and the ends are a heavier #42 nylon to withstand line drives
  • Easy cage access: The lightweight side netting allows for easy lift to enter and exit
  • No permanent frame or steel cables. There is nothing left hanging across your space or from the ceiling after take down
  • Fast setup and take down: Takes about 5 minutes to do either


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