Heavy-duty construction and flexibility.

TUFFframe PRO Batting Cages

Shippensburg University | Shippensburg, PA

It all started with a call. Bruce Herring, the assistant director of planning & engineering for Shippensburg University (one of Pennsylvania’s 14 state universities) was tasked with finding quality batting cages for the Shippensburg Raiders women’s softball team. He was interested in buying Beacon’s TUFFframe Pro cage. He loved its heavy-duty construction and the long-lasting performance it would bring. But, he also needed a winch system to enable his staff to meet the demands of seasonal raising and lowering of the nets.

The standard design industry-wide for heavy-duty cages used a permanent tensioned cable. A permanent cable does a great job holding the net in place, but it requires more effort to raise and lower the nets. No batting cage of this size and quality had attempted to incorporate a winch system. So he contacted Beacon’s design team.