Artificial Turf Rolls, On-Deck Circles, Turf Hitting Mats, and Floor Protectors

Try one of our handy artificial turf rolls to protect your indoor or outdoor batting cage. We have precut turf roll kits at the most common batting cage sizes for a variety of baseball artificial turf styles and turf backing. For gym floors we also have floor protectors to protect your gym floor from batted balls and high traffic in your indoor batting cage or hitting tunnel. Also check out our accessories for gym floor protectors with our power winder, floor cover storage rack, and floor mats storage covers.

Artificial turf mats are also great as a cover to prevent wear and tear on high traffic areas on your infield. We can provide both on-deck circles for permanent protection and removable hitting mats that will protect your field around the pitching mound and batter’s box during batting practice. Also see our permanent on-field turf inlays.

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