Field Drags

Keeping your infield in good playing condition requires several types of drags. From float drags and rigid drags to nail drags and harrow drags, infield grooming requires that you adapt to the conditions of your infield. The type of infield soil you use and the moisture level will dictate which drag you need. For leveling, a rigid drag will pull more material in the screen. Heavier infield drag or use of a leveling bar can help with stubborn clay particles that need to be broken up.

Nail drags roughen up the surface only and are great for working in soil conditioner, like calcined clay, to the top of your infield soil. The Drag Spiker is great for daily maintenance to your infield skin. Perfect for completing two jobs at once by attaching a float drag finish to the Drag Spiker.

Float Drags or Quick Manual Drag Mats are great finishing drags that can be pulled by hand for your infield, baselines, or home plate area. Contact our team of experts with any questions you have regarding field drags, drag mats, and infield grooming.

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