Field Painting Comparison

Which method is right for you?

Sturdy metal construction with 4 wheels

Aerosol Paint Stripers


  • Best choice for use by league volunteers for lining fields
  • Easy portability of both the sprayer unit and the paint
  • Compact spray unit can fit into any vehicle
  • No mixing of paint or cleaning of sprayer needed
  • Easy changeover from color-to-color in sprayer unit


  • In the long run, aerosol is more expensive than bulk paint
  • Time-consuming for painting large logos and end zones
  • Some aerosol field paints use propellants that are harmful to turf
  • Limited choice of colors available

Powrliner 850 Airless Sprayer

Bulk Paint Sprayers


  • Lower cost for paint
  • Unlimited choice of colors
  • Can vary the concentration of paint per application
  • Paints are formulated specifically for turf applications
  • Pressurized tanks use zero propellants eliminating the risk for turf damage
  • Quicker more efficient way to paint large areas such as end zones and logos


  • This system is not meant for weekend volunteers
  • Thorough cleaning of the sprayer unit after each use of color is vital
  • Not as easily transported from field to field or facility to facility
  • Need to have water available for both mixing paint and cleaning