FEATURED PROJECT: Barrier Net Systems | Winnequah Park

Beacon Barrier Net System

See that little fence, just over the trees?


Beacon AthleticsThat little fence just wasn’t enough. Not nearly enough. Errant foul balls were entering the pool area from the baseball and softball fields at Winnequah Park and that was posing a real safety hazard. For legitimate safety, they needed more. Our Barrier Netting System was the perfect solution. Typically thought of to protect cars and parking lots, spectators, or crossover areas between fields, this easy-up, easy-down netting system was perfect for protecting patrons of the community pool and for keeping foul balls dry.

After years of enduring the ineffective smaller net, city officials knew they needed to improve protection of the pool area, but in this northern climate it needed to be super easy to put up and take down. We designed a custom 40ft high and 100 ft wide netting system divided into three separate, easy to manage nets. Our lifting winch, top pulleys, and support cables make it all happen from the ground without any need for ladders or lifts.

The result is a much more effective system that quite literally dwarfs the old, inadequate netting. With these nets only necessary during the baseball and softball systems, the easy take down really helps extend the life of the nets and keep them out of off-season snow and ice.

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“Beacon’s Barrier Net System was perfect.

We needed a huge net, but we had to be able to manage it. This system solves the safety issue and couldn’t be easier to use.