Beacon Netting Solutions Can Help Keep Fans Safe

We often hear, “what can we do to protect fans?”

With line-drive and foul ball incidents making headlines, that question feels more timely than ever. A protective netting system is a great answer to that question. More and more ballparks, big and small, are installing or extending their netting systems. Beacon is your netting expert — we’ve been designing netting solutions for decades. During consultations with our netting clients, certain factors consistently come up. We have compiled a list of 5 primary considerations (click button below) that can help you as you are evaluating netting options. A protective netting solution may be more affordable than you think…

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Dear fellow ballfield professionals,

We’ve all seen the horrific headlines, images and stories of fans being struck by errant line drives and foul balls. While fans being injured isn’t necessarily a new phenomenon, that precise fact is really at the heart of the sentiment being expressed by so many in our industry: “why is this continuing to happen?”

Answers typically vary from a reluctance to change the spectator’s view, to cost factors and the challenges of retrofitting netting to existing structures. But something has to be done. The game we love continues to stand at risk of being marred by serious, life-changing injuries to our friends, family and neighbors.

I share your concerns and we stand ready to help you answer the other unrelenting question: “what can we do?”

Now is the time to improve fan safety, and we understand what needs to be done to achieve it. We have outfitted and retrofitted facilities with netting for decades, engineering systems for all levels of play. Together, let’s get this done to ensure all fans can safely enjoy the tradition of watching ballgames for decades to come.

Message from Beacon CEO
John Maher,
Owner & CEO, Beacon Athletics

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