COVID-19 Developments

Information & Peer Recommendations


With teams throughout the country seeking to play baseball and softball this summer in the midst of the ongoing public health crisis, we surveyed our customers to gather tips on how to play safely.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this survey. Below, we have compiled the most frequently mentioned tips for playing safely in hopes of keeping everyone healthy.

TOP TEN Play Safe Suggestions

  1. Sanitize all equipment, dugouts, bathrooms, and high traffic facility areas.
  2. Social distance. Spreading out 6′ down your team’s baseline fence and avoid dugout use. Hang equipment and gear on fence.
  3. Take temperatures of players and coaches prior to getting on the field.
  4. Limit the presence and participation of non-players, coaches, or staff members.
  5. No formal handshakes between teams. Tipping of the cap is a great alternative way to demonstrate sportsmanship!
  6. No shared sources of refreshments, sunflower seeds, or bubblegum. No spitting in or around the field of play.
  7. Have each team supply and use their own baseballs. Bleach baseballs after use and rotate in next set.
  8. Restrict the route to get on and off the field to defined entry points on 1st and 3rd base paths.
  9. Require everyone to wear masks, including coaches and umpires.
  10. Check and follow CDC guidelines on a regular basis.

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