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Solving problems and helping you make your fields not only look better, but play better. That’s what Beacon’s all about. Our history of developing innovative products has set the standard for quality and performance for more than seventy years.

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Premium Nail Drag

Proper weight and portability is critical. This favorite nail drag kicked off a new generation of Beacon drags.

Also introduced: Drag Spiker, Plow Pan Spiker, Beacon Infield Screens, PortaScore

Level Board

A favorite for many Major League groundskeepers, this was nicknamed a “Board on a Stick” by a certain Baltimore shortstop. The first of many tools designed by Beacon’s head groundskeeper, Paul Zwaska.

Also introduced: Streamliner 30 (tube)

Phantom Batting Cage

It would be 9 years before it would become known as the “Phantom” but this indoor cage was a clear winner from the start with its revolutionary 5-minute setup.

Also introduced: the Beacon website, Soil Tests, Skin Tarp, Cocoa Mat Drag, Porta Stop, Mound Slope Gauge

Streamliner 35 & 70

The brush agitator delivery system meant a better line with less chalk. The heavy-duty frame, molded hopper and retractable handle quickly made it the industry standard.

Also introduced: Double Play Aerosol Attachment for Streamliner, Cocoa Mop, Fence Cap Zipper, TUFFframe Outdoor Batting Cages

TUFFframe Modular Batting Cage

The single model rolled out in ’03, but this multi-cage game changer showed how easily you could put them side-by-side. Still the #1 outdoor cage.

Also introduced: X-Drag Hand Nail Drag, Soft Toss Hitting Stations

TUFFscreen Infield Screens

These professional quality infield screens got the ultimate stamp of approval when our L Screen was used for the Home Run Derby during All-Star Weekend.

Also introduced: Streamliner 353 & 35P, Smart Hurdles, Smart Cart Training System, Crooked Stick, ABC Ladder, Go Ladder

Pro Shot Hose Nozzle

To design this best-in-class nozzle we went to those who know hoses & nozzles best — firefighters. Easy Stream to Fog switching with a Flush setting to clear it out. Perfect.

Also introduced: Team Cart, Porous Rubber Mats, Foul Pole Kit

Rail Padding Kit

Developed to combine safety with aesthetics, they’re easy to install and look great. Real protection that can also offer sponsorship and branding opportunities.

Batting Cage Tensioning Cuffs

It seems so simple now. But these cuffs not only brought stability and alignment to outdoor cages, they also brought unique color and branding.

Also introduced: TUFFframe Tensioned Outdoor Batting Cage, Sifter Shovel

Barrier Net Systems

These net systems solved an age-old problem — keeping balls where they belong. Easy-up and easy-down barrier nets reduced the hazard of errant balls going astray.

Also introduced: Deluxe Overseeder, Field Marks Marking System

Turf Logos

Repeatedly painting logos on the field is time consuming and destroys grass. These turf logos solved that problem — lay it in and forget about it. They look great day after day, without touchup.

Also introduced: FieldShield 8oz Area Tarps

Full Net & Tie-Back Backstops

We had made custom backstops for years. These standardized the design to bring better sightlines and superior safety to everyone — no more chainlink fences.

Also introduced: ADA-Compliant Scoring Tables, Triple Play Batter’s Box Template

Field Weights

This multi-tasking field tool solved two problems with one simple solution. Hold down tarps without the mess of sandbags, adjust your nail drags for the perfect depth for the field’s conditions.

Also introduced: Professional Rigid Drag Mat, Tarp Cart, X-Drag Field Weight Kit, Adjustable Weight Nail Drag, Groundskeeper University

Puddle Sponge

Using a broom to push water off your field is a big no-no. Our durable hydrophilic foam sponge finally offered a workable solution to a problem everyone encounters.

Also introduced: Stadium Wall, Bleacher Wrap, Streamliner 353P, Tarp Cart with Tarp Pins

Steel Mat Mop

The success of our Cocoa Mop for finishing small areas led to the development of a solution for heavier infield soil types. It was a best seller as soon as it was introduced.

Also introduced: Instant Eye Retractable Hitter’s Backdrop, Artificial Turf Coaches Box, Mound Trapezoid Inlay, Field Consumables

TUFFframe PRO Batting Cage

This batting cage left only ONE way to define heavy-duty. Massive support pipes with no side poles makes this huge 14ft x 14ft cage the best in class.

Also introduced: In-line Soft Toss, Net Protector w/Catcher Image, Dugout Net Kit, Field Signs

Sweetspot Tamp System

We were looking to reduce fatigue when using a field tamp. Four interchangeable, articulating heads brought all that and much more. We reinvented a classic groundskeeper’s tool.

Also introduced: Beacon Modular Wall System, Woodless Backstop Pads, Pro Tarp Pins, Bucket of Base Plugs, Beacon Bucket Series, ProCord String Winder, the Beacon Customer Service Promise


Stay tuned, we’re problem solvers. We’re in the field, testing, talking and developing products that exceed your expectations. We’ve never been satisfied with simply keeping up, we’re out to make things genuinely better.