The Original Jack Corbett BasesHighest quality, longest lasting baseBase Jewels for Original Hollywood Jack Corbett Bases

Original Jack Corbett MLB Hollywood Base Set

Original Hollywood Jack Corbett MLB Bases

The real big league base. Original Hollywood Jack Corbett™ Bases have been used by MLB® since 1939 and are the exclusive bases of MLB®. They're simply the best design on the field. With a tapered lip that virtually eliminates edge turn up, they feature high-quality 1200 lb tensile strength rubber to prevent most cuts and tears. And, these workhorses are engineered to withstand bad weather and harsh rays through ultraviolet inhibitors. Set of 3. Consider adding a set of Jack Corbett Base Jewels (below) for the ultimate professional branded touch.


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Weight 34 lbs
Set includes

3 bases, no anchors (fits 1-1/2″ anchor)