Beacon Wood-less Backstop Pads

We've reimagined how backstop padding should work. These are just way easier to install and remove for offseason storage… why? They're 85% lighter than common plywood-backed pads. And, without the plywood backing, they won't warp! They look great, perform as designed, and will last for years.

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Beacon Wood-less Backstop Pads

THE CHALLENGE: Common plywood-backed pads that are used outdoors do not hold up (they warp, crack, etc.). Mounting them is time consuming, difficult work. They’re heavy and hard to move & store, so they are often left out year round, shortening the life of the pads.

THE SOLUTION: So what’s the secret? There’s no warp-prone plywood. Common wall pads have plywood backing. That makes those pads heavy, hard to remove off-season, and prone to warping. Not only does that look bad, it creates a safety and playability issue from the awkward bounces that come with it. Beacon Wood-less Backstop Padding is 85% lighter, making them way easier to remove for the off season and keeping them warp-free without the typical built-in wood backing. Here’s how it works: Poles are set for your wall, slide-over post brackets are used to attached treated lumber planks and the Beacon Wood-less Backstop Pads are secured with a solid batten to a mounted stainless steel bracket. A smart, efficient, and long-lasting Beacon innovation.

Product Features

  • No plywood backing! — wood-less design eliminates warping
  • 85% lighter than typical plywood-backed padding
  • High-density safety foam fully enclosed in 18 oz vinyl laminate
  • Adjustable stainless steel mounting brackets (works on wood, concrete or brick walls)
  • Clean top edge with integrated full-length support batten
  • Adjacent pads are anchored with Velcro® wall plates and sewn Velcro® on pads


  • Beacon Wood-less Backstop Padding features callouts
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  • Clean top edge with built-in solid batten and net cable loop on the slide-over post bracket.
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