Beacon Engineered Net Backstop Systems

Beacon Tie-back Net Backstop - Chaplain’s Field, Fremont, NE

Proven design, unmatched performance. Configurable in-line and tie-back systems to meet your projects requirements. Full Net In-line Systems can take your facility up a notch improving safety and sightlines. Tie-Back Net Systems leave no sightline obstructions giving your fans a perfect view.

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Beacon Engineered Net Backstop Systems

Beacon’s Project Services Group can quickly adapt our in-line or tie-back design to match your project’s requirements and budget. Both designs are pre-engineered with all net support and tensioning hardware standardized to allow for efficient installation and ensure proper performance.

We’re ready to work with any architect, contractor or installer and we’ll stay involved until the project’s completion (also see Beacon Barrier Net Systems).

Standard In-Line PERMANENT 4-post configurations:

  • Baseball (48′ x 48′ x 48′ x 30’H) 101-100-060 — $11,699
  • Softball (32′ x 32′ x 32′ x 24’H) 101-100-070 — $6,399

Standard In-Line HOISTABLE 4-post configurations:

  • Baseball (48′ x 48′ x 48′ x 30’H) 101-100-080 — $13,199
  • Softball (32′ x 32′ x 32′ x 24’H) 101-100-090 — $8,249

Standard Tie-Back HOISTABLE 4-post configurations:

  • Baseball (48′ x 48′ x 48′ x 30’H) 101-100-110 — $16,949
  • Softball (32′ x 32′ x 32′ x 24’H) 101-100-120 — $10,899

Standard Tie-Back OUTBOARD POLE 4-post configurations:

  • Baseball (48′ x 48′ x 48′ x 30’H) 101-100-130 — $16,449
  • Softball (32′ x 32′ x 32′ x 24’H) 101-100-140 — $10,549

Product Features

  • Proprietary wind load analysis models developed at Beacon are used to establish peak loads and ensure correct structural design
  • Complete installation drawings and instructions are provided for each project
  • A structural engineering report with footing details can be provided
  • Support poles are pre-assembled and can be hot-dip galvanized or painted
  • Either backstop style is compatible with any type base wall – brick, chain link, wood, etc.
  • Net panels can be made using heavy nylon or ultra thin / ultra strong Dyneema® mesh


  • In-Line Backstops can be less expensive than chain link and are often easier to install.
  • netting_winch-closeup
  • Tie-Back Backstops position poles out of view leaving NO sightline obstructions.
  • Beacon’s in-line and tie-back systems have both been built up to 50′ tall.
  • Pre-assembled support poles speed installation and ensure structural integrity.
After a great deal of debate we ultimately chose Beacon’s in-line system for our backstop at our baseball and softball fields. And we are very glad we did. The sightlines are outstanding — a 100% improvement over our old traditional chainlink backstops. We would recommend Beacon to anyone building a new complex or modeling an existing one.”
Rick RobertsAthletic Director, Van Meter H.S., Van Meter, IA