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TempLine Synthetic Turf Paint – Fast Break

Templine Turf Paint - Indianapolis Colts

These turf paints and TempLine Removers work as a team. The paints coat without build-up, and don’t “texture” or negatively impact playability.

Fast Break formula is designed for short-term events or frequent field changes. Provides moderate weather resistance and play wear with excellent removability. Easiest to remove. Good choice for warm, dry climates. (all sold as 5 gal pails).


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TempLine Synthetic Turf Paint – Fast Break

The complete paint system for artificial turf surfaces. Turf paints need to go on easy, cover uniformly, look good, stand up to weather and wear, and yet be easy to remove when the time comes. That’s a lot to expect from a paint. When removable paint is needed for alternate sports markings or for logo and sponsorship change outs, the Eco TempLine™ system has options to suit your climate and durability needs. All TempLine™ products ship in 5 gallon pails. All paints are available in white and turf green as well as the standard colors shown.

Product Features

  • With TempLine removers, these paints are your complete artificial turf paint system
  • Paints are designed to re-liquify during removal
  • Won't build-up or "texture" meaning there's no negative impact on playability
  • No solid residue left behind after removal


Weight 52 lbs

Blue 285, Blue 286, Blue 289, Blue 2925, Blue 654, Desert 465, Gold Ravens 117, Gray 428, Gray 429-430, Gray 432, Maroon 201, Orange 021, Orange 166, Pink 219, Purple 267, Purple 268, Red 186, Red 485, Turf Green, Yellow 1225, White, Black


Fast Break