Powrliner 850 Airless Sprayer

Powrliner 850 Airless Sprayer

Simple, easy to use and a compact design. Features airless technology, a removable spray gun with in-handle filter and formulated poly tires. Carries a 5-gallon pail of paint. Pail not included. Note: Price shown is the minimum allowable by the manufacturer. Add this item to your cart to see actual price. Typically ships in 2 weeks.

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Powrliner 850 Airless Sprayer

Simple, easy-to-use sprayer with a compact design that weighs only 70 lbs. Works on grass, turf, or pavement and can serve as a general purpose paint sprayer as well for painting fences, buildings, etc. Requires one operator to transport and fits easily in most automobile trunks. This airless piston line striper has a 37.7cc 4-stroke engine removable LX-40 spray gun, 417 tip (4″ pattern and .017″ orifice) for stenciling & painting with a 1/4″ x 50′ hose. Designed to carry a 5-gallon pail of paint. Pail not included. Auto Oiler comes standard.

Product Features

  • 37.7cc 4-stroke engine
  • DirectLink™ Pressure Control
  • Straight lock or free wheel front caster
  • LX-40 Spray Gun removable with in-handle filter
  • No Flat Tires with specially formulated poly for a smooth ride
  • Folding handle for easy transport and storage


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  • Powrliner 850 Features


Weight 70 lbs

37.7cc 4-stroke

Spray Gun

Removable with in-handle filter


Contains formulated poly for a smooth ride




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