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The Beacon Athletics Project Services Group emerged out of just simply being involved. For over 60 years we’ve supplied sports field maintenance equipment and advice to schools, universities, parks & recreation departments, private facilities, and professional sports organizations.

Through interaction with professionals like yourself, our role in facility and field projects has evolved and our expertise has grown. We understand every step of the process.

From new construction (download checklist) or major renovation to minor additions or ongoing maintenance, our Project Services Group will guide you.

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Field-Facility Project Timeline Concept


It's not unusual for us to become involved in a project well before any lines are drawn or any dirt is moved. That's often the ideal time to consult the Project Services Group -- before you put a shovel in the ground.

Ways we can positively influence the concept can range from field orientation to determining how broad the scope of a project will become. Our contribution at this initial stage has included basic layout drawings and recommendations on products which can each support preliminary budget discussions and initial fund-raising efforts. They can also be used to assist with initial talks with architects and contractors.

We help turn uncertainty and vagueness into a more tangible beginning.



To ensure all the contributors of a project will mesh well, you'll need a plan for bringing them all together. And the scope of your project will determine how many professionals you will need to bring together to reach your goal.

During this planning phase, our Project Services Group helps you clearly communicate your vision to a team of professionals that includes architects, contractors, facility managers, and groundskeepers. By literally having everyone on the same page with proper planning, your project is more likely to be completed on time, on budget, and with the end result you're expecting.

Get in touch with us well before you put a shovel in the ground.

Architectural Design

Architectural Design

Understanding what works with a sports field is critical. During the early stages of the design phase, we can support architects with advice, CAD drawings, material samples, specifications, and engineering support (including things such as wind load calculations).

Whether considering standard or custom components, our process always carefully considers cost, performance, safety, maintainability, and aesthetics. We've assisted architects from all over the United States, contributing the important ingredient of sports field expertise [click here for a list of architectural firms].

Ultimately, a beautiful, well-designed facility will attract teams and spectators -- and that will justify the commitment from your sponsoring organization.

Bidding & Construction

Bidding & Construction

When a project enters the bid process, typically we're already tracking the project from the planning stage and have bid package ready for contractors even before they place a call. In any case, we're supporting contractors as they determine the scope of the project, identify materials & fabricated components, and evaluate labor & equipment needs.

Our bid packages are thorough. They include drawings, instructions, samples, and cost estimates -- everything a contractor will need to understand what needs to be done.

But the bid package is only the beginning of our support for contractors. Next, we're ready to send submittals, signed and sealed engineering calculations (certified in all 50 states), and any other documentation required for final approval.

When construction begins, we can help you resolve any issues you encounter. An assigned project manager is available to support your contractor including installation instruction, material sourcing, and shipment scheduling and tracking. Our obligation is not settled until the project is complete and the contractor is satisfied.

Facility Management

Facility Management

We understand the critical role facility managers play in the day-to-day function of a facility, especially during an addition or major renovation.

The coordinated efforts of contractors and facility managers is key to ensuring smooth progress of a new facility or playable solutions during a renovation. The Beacon Project Services Group makes sure everyone is on the same page. Our goal is to help you stretch your construction dollars to get the most out of your new facility.

Groundskeeping & Game Prep

Groundskeeping & Game Prep

As the leading provider of on-field game and practice equipment, professional groundskeeper equipment, and products for facilities, Beacon Athletics can help get the most out of your budget. From barrier netting and waste enclosures to field chalkers and soil amendments, Beacon has earned its title of "Experts in the Field Since 1948".

When construction is finished and your vendors have completed their portion of the project, Beacon remains ready to help you with an ongoing commitment to field prep and game day routines.

Game Day


All the effort & coordination that has taken you from concept to game day deserves a fitting reward. And that reward is seeing people in your community enjoying the new facility.

Your project is complete, but your work is not done. We'll always be here to help you with your ongoing effort to keep your facility as up-to-date and playable as you can. Our complete line of facility, field maintenance and game-practice equipment means we can not only support you from concept to completion, but beyond as well.

Beacon Field Project Support Team

Beacon Project Services Group

Our support is ongoing and comprehensive.

Planning, architectural design, bidding & construction, and facility management all need to seamlessly overlap as the project timeline moves along. The Beacon Project Services Group is the ongoing conduit. We'll help you get it done right, and avoid costly mistakes.

And, our role doesn't end when the project ends. Groundskeeping and game prep is our bread & butter, so we'll be here to help you make sure your new ballfields remain up-to-date and playable for years to come ...

About the Timeline

Our Project Services Group can help you from concept to game day -- and ongoing. We can help you anywhere you need us along the timeline, really. We have worked with professionals at every stage of field and facility projects, and we know how to maximize efficiency and get you the results you're looking for.

Whatever stage you are at, we can fit in and provide the ballfield expertise to help you keep the project moving efficiently.

So, click around the various phases of the timeline and see how Beacon can help make your next project a streamlined, hassle-free reality. To submit a question directly to the Project Services Group, click below.